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Astrojax Plus

The Astrojax Plus is specially designed for dynamic swing and rebound tricks where you let the balls bounce off your body or off the floor and walls. Just arrived in the USA.


  • The original Astrojax Plus sports a patented construction with precision-machined metal weights inside the soft, low-density polyurethane foam mantle of each ball.
  • Each set of Plus comes with a trick sheet
  • Each set of Plus comes with an aj-dos (Astrojax Docking Station) which is useful for carrying or storing Astrojax Plus.
  • Astrojax Plus is available in three colors: Blue, Lime Green, and Red.
  • Recommended for ages 4 years and up.

 Astrojax Plus

Also known as Astro-Jax, Astrojacks, and Astro-Jacks Plus. Get hooked up with Astrojax Plus today! Click the button above for a big selection of Astrojax Plus and also Astrojax Plus tuning kits.