Astrojax Saturn

Each Astrojax Saturn ball features two bright light up LEDs that create dazzling light patterns when you play – such as the Bengal light effect and Disco strobe effect. There are two different light up modes – continuous and disco strobe. Each ball comes in a different color LED – red, green and yellow. A hidden push-button control on each Astrojax Saturn ball switches the LEDs on and off. AstroJax docking station and batteries included.


  • The breathtaking light effects of the Astrojax Saturn at night will amaze spectators.
  • Astrojax Saturn is made of high-quality polycarbonate. The new design minimizes friction and allows fast, smooth action when playing.
  • The strong transparent shells nicely feature the LED chip and patented precision-machined metal weights inside.
  • Each set of Astrojax Saturn comes with a trick sheet
  • Each set of Astrojax Saturn comes with an aj-dos (Astrojax Docking Station) which is useful for carrying or storing Astrojax.
  • Saturn is available in three colors: Orange, Green, and Pink.
  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up.
  • Available in orange, pink and green.
  • Batteries included