Astrojax Blue Diamond

NEW in 2004! Each Saturn Blue Diamond ball features two EXTRA bright light up LEDs that create dazzling light patterns when you play – such as the Bengal light effect and Disco strobe effect. There are two different light up modes – continuous and disco strobe. CONTINUOUS mode creates patterns reminiscent of beautiful Bengal light effects, while DISCO™ is a strobe effect that produces sparkling light traces in space. The breathtaking light effects of SATURN will work their magic and enthrall kids and adults alike.

The SATURN Blue Diamond Jax sports the same patented construction with precision-machined metal weights as AJ PLUS and V-Max, but comes in durable polycarbonate shells and has a specially tailored chip inside with replaceable batteries.

Astrojax Blue Diamond Saturn

A hidden push-button control on each ball switches the LEDs on and off. AJ docking station and batteries included. Each set of the Astrojax Blue Diamond Saturns come with a trick sheet and an AJ-DOS™ (Astrojax Docking Station™) which is useful for carrying or storing the Astrojax Blue Diamond Saturn.

How to switch on the Saturn Blue Diamond balls LED’s:

Use the aj-dos or any pointed object like a pen tip to switch on each SATURN ball. Press once for CONTINUOUS light. If you press again the ball is set to DISCO mode which means the LEDs are flashing at a high frequency. You won’t see any difference first but the effect becomes visible once the Astrojax balls are in motion, producing very cool strobe patterns. Press once more to switch the lights off again to save battery life.

Also known as Blue Diamond Saturn Astro-Jax, Astrojacks, and Astro-Jacks. Astrojax Blue Diamond Saturn – Astrojax Plus – Astrojax V-MAX – Astrojax Tuning Kit – Astrojax Batteries and More!