What Is Astrojax?

We invite you to learn more about Astrojax – three balls on a string. While games like the yo-yo have been around for hundreds of years, Astrojax is an entirely new kind of skill toy, a revolutionary concept with playing possibilities we are only just beginning to understand.

Every day Astrojax players around the world are discovering fascinating new tricks and moves that no one thought were possible. It’s- a game all about action, rhythm and developing your own personal playing style. We like to call it Jaxing.

Like most great ideas, Astrojax actually seems surprisingly simple: Three weighted balls attached by a piece of string with the middle ball freely moving. Yet the construction of Astrojax is very sophisticated. Each ball has a precision-machined metal weight inside the outer shell to provide maximum performance and smooth action while playing.

The fast spinning motion of the Astrojax balls is based on the physical principles of rotational dynamics. Even astronauts have tried it!

This website introduces newcomers to the unfolding universe of Astrojax and provides a platform for aj-enthusiasts around the world. Show off your new tricks! Astrojax Plus, Blue Saturn, Trick CD 2 – express yourself in free dimensions! Astrojax is sometimes misspelled as Astro-Jax, Astrojacks, or Astro-Jacks. The Correct Spelling is Astrojax.

Who Invented Astrojax

Astrojax was invented by the American physicist Larry Shaw.
While still at graduate school Shaw discovered the basic principle of Astrojax while playing with hex nuts and dental floss in a physics lab.
Intrigued by the complex patterns this simple arrangement created, he started to develop the idea. What first looked quite simple was actually very hard to solve mathematically. It took almost two years and hundreds of prototypes before Shaw decided on a model and had the principle patented.

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Finding the right company to produce the toy was the next hurdle. Like many other breakthrough inventions, Astrojax was not understood by the large established toy companies since it didn’t fit in their standard categories. Shaw formed a toy company himself which produced Astrojax.

Astrojax has won prestigious toy awards in the United States and already has three different categories in the Guinness Book of Records.  More and more dedicated players are pushing the possibilities of Astrojax further, inventing new styles and tricks at a growing pace.

2019 is shaping up to become the big Astrojax year! Together with major distributors, Astrojax has been relaunched as the Astrojax Weave made in Guatemala.  From Australia to Sweden, Hong Kong to Mexico – everywhere Astrojax will be swinging.

Astrojax Weave

New Astrojax weave it’s a crochet handmade-style by artisans in Guatemala, this product it’s a fair trade product that provides artisans work in the Atitlan lake area.

Larry Shaw the inventor of Astrojax decided to bring job opportunities to poor areas of Guatemala, He works with lots of artisans providing work and facilities for their families by paying fair wages to the artisans.

Cipti Holder

astrojax Weave

The new Cibti Holder is available as a cool accessory in two different colors for those aj players with a sense of style. The Cibti Holder features a special locking mechanism to keep your Astrojax safe. Y

Carry your Astrojax in style with the one-of-a-kind Astrojax Cibti Holder. Made of the same virtually unbreakable polycarbonate as the V-MAX and Saturn Holder. Available in  Dark blue or Sky Blue.